Post-election post

It's been over a week since the election and, having emerged momentarily from my coma of dread and despair, I though it might be both politically appropriate and psychologically helpful for me to start posting some of my drawings of angry women.  This is a drawing I did based on an awesome illustration in Greg Rucka's graphic novel "Queen and Country", which stars the badass British agent Tara Chace.  I wish I could pinpoint which particular artist did the illustration on which this is based, but there is a long list of artists that contributed to the book.  I do feel like this illustration accurately reflects my current state of mind.


On the bright side, I've been working with some composition tools outlined in Juliette Aristides "Classical Painting Atelier".  They're systems based on Pythagorean geometry, and these grids show the subdivisions around which many of the old masters arranged the subjects in their paintings.  Here I've done an acetate overlay on a beautiful Da Vinci painting;  it shows the classic way to subdivide space.  I'm still absorbing the ideas in this way of thinking about composition, and have an old art textbook full of examples of Renaissance paintings that I can analyze in the same manner.  (I also have a little value sketch on the bottom.  I think drawing the image helps me to understand how it is put together, even if it is just a thumbnail sketch.)