Oil portraits

I'm taking this amazing beginning oil painting class at Yellow Barn Art Center taught by a portrait artist named Maud Taber-Thomas, who is a wonderful teacher.  She has been teaching us about doing an underpainting in a single color (to establish forms and values) and then adding color once the underpainting is dry.  Because of previous weather cancellations, our makeup classes were scheduled during Maud's portrait class, and we had a chance to work from  a live model in the class!  I did the underpainting (at right) during the first session we had with the model, and added the skin tones and basic colors during the second session.  I did some additional work on it at home, correcting the underlying drawing and fine-tuning some of the colors.  I love how oil paint allows for corrections and modifications, and how it's possible to try different things out without fear...if something doesn't work, I can just scrape it out or paint over it.