david gray is awesome

This is my copy in progress of part of a portrait by David Gray, whose work was on the cover of Artist's Magazine this month.  He does these incredibly beautiful realistic portraits that I have been learning tons from imitating.  He also has an amazing website (davidgrayart.com) with all kinds of fascinating information in his blog about painting technique (not to mention more of his absolutely gorgeous work).  The study I've done here is the underpainting, which was done with raw umber. (I'm finding that the burnt sienna I've been using for underpaintings is distractingly red for me when I start adding color;  something more neutral, like I've used here, seems a bit more intuitive for me as a beginner.)  One cool piece of advice I found on David Gray's website is about using a medium to speed drying time with the underpainting so that color can be added the following day;  I'll need to try it on my next one for sure!