still life

Here's a still life I did as homework for my oil painting class.  I set it up inside a box I had painted white, which allows me to control the lighting instead of having to pray that the daylight doesn't change while I'm working.  I photographed the setup (and ate the eggs for lunch) so I'm not sure whether I'll try to duplicate the still life to add color, ot just work from the photograph.  I hadn't really believed that there was much difference between a photo and real life, but it's becoming more apparent to me how much our eyes see that a camera can't capture.  There are distortions caused by the lens that can make a drawing inaccurate, and the camera boosts contrast to the point where gradations in color and tone are erased.  I also find that the camera on my iPhone makes everything cooler in color.

Anyway, I like how it looks as an underpainting, but I think adding the color will be really fun.