Pictured here is my good friend Joan, a woman with a serious love of art and the depth of knowledge to match!  She seems to know every museum in the DC area inside and out, and is an aspiring abstract artist herself!  She was kind enough to let me sketch her today when our informal art group got together.

I am working here with pastel paper and several different hardnesses of Derwent graphite pencils.  I am noticing how the tendency to "outline" the shapes of my subject often distracts from creating a variety of hard and soft edges; now that I see I'm doing it, I notice that the tendency to outline shapes has been all over my drawings!  One edge I like in this drawing is the soft edge where Joan's hair meets the background.  (Maybe I need to block in the drawing with a harder lighter pencil line so that I can erase it once the block-in is finished.)  I do think the paper is a bit too textured for a small drawing like this, but I think it would work well in a larger one.