A new palette setup!

Today I reworked my palette so that I can reach all the colors I've been using, and made a new color chart for reference, with all the names, brands and pigments of the paints.  I'd been trying to squeeze out fresh paint for each session, which is great, but I found myself scrambling for tiny bits of this color or that color to adjust what I'd mixed, and so I'm now using mostly fresh paint with these wells free to use as needed.  It made things much easier for today's painting session, which was based on a photograph from the most recent issue of Bust (one of my favorite magazines: feminist pop culture!).  This was painted on 300 lb Arches cold press, which I really prefer over the 140 lb (of course I like it better...it's much more expensive).  It absorbs the water beautifully, and there is absolutely no warping or buckling.