today's paintings

watercolor socks Oct 21.jpg

Today's oil painting is a still life of some leaves and odd berries found during a walk.  I like the colors and the composition, but the interesting thing I noticed once I was midway through the painting was that the big leaf in the center had lost all of its detail under the lighting I had set up. I think it makes that part of the painting less interesting;  but it was definitely instructive to notice  it.  So many things to think about when coming up with an idea for a painting!

I made the second painting as a goofy watercolor exercise, where I set up a still life of some new pairs of socks that I just bought (from the Halloween sock collection at Sock Dreams, of course...note especially the Ouija Board socks) and I found it was a really good way to just try out some different ways of creating particular effects with different materials, like wax resist and gouache.  It's journal paper, which is not particularly good watercolor paper for more than one wash.  I should really just paint on good paper all the time, but I think I am less uptight when I'm not too concerned about putting expensive paper to good use.