dobra teacups

Dobra teacups watercolor 11.15.17.jpg

I painted these teacups this afternoon after a lunchtime trip to Dobra Teahouse here in Ashland.  They have a whole wall of adorable cups with all kinds of designs, so I took a bunch of phone pictures and chose this arrangement.  I actually used Sharpie markers to draw in the cup designs (Sharpie markers are great because they are totally waterproof and can be painted over without smearing), and then used indigo, transparent mars brown and some yellow ochre for the rest of the painting.  Sharpie would definitely be better on smoother paper, but I otherwise really prefer the texture of the Arches cold press paper.  I like the black color I get from mixing indigo and transparent mars brown right out of the tube, but the texture of it is sort of sticky.  Maybe india ink would be more manageable and flow better.